Podcast! Episode 15: The Women of Craft Beer! B-52, Brewheart Apparel and The Hop Stop

Episode 15 the Women of Craft Beer

Live from Gary’s patio, the boys are joined by Shannon from Brewheart Apparel, Dawn from the Hop Stop, and Jessica and Marin from B-52 Brewing.  We discuss all of the latest happenings in the Houston beer scene, share some incredible new releases from B-52 and others, the women weigh in on the latest trends, mansplaining, womansplaining, mattsplaining.

The mailbag goes sideways and the Luchador drops a HUGE, IF TRUE Luche-Bomb on us at the end of the episode.






Hopcast Houston Episode 9: Women of Craft Beer (Christen Morey and Lene Baggett) live from the Hop Stop in Humble

Hopcast Houston Episode 9 Show Notes: Women of Craft Beer

We had a blast with our two great guests, Christen Morey (3 Nations Brewing/Hoppy Heat)  and Lene Baggett (Lone Pint).  We discussed their experiences in and perspectives on working in the craft beer industry. Craft Lexicon Word of the day and Hopcast Mailbag questions. We enjoyed some great beers from the taps at The Hop Stop in Humble TX (Brash Abide, Cyclers Saddletime, Real Ale Mysterium Persiccum,  Live Oak Hefe, some great DIPAs from Whole Foods, and stuff from 3 Nations.) and Christen brought some amazing Hoppy Heat Sriracha for us to taste.  #drinklocal #hugeiftrue