PODCAST! (Ep 16) at Saloon Door Brewing

Episode 16 Saloon Door Brewing

Ryan, Gary , Matty D and the WKR man hauled it down to Webster this past Sunday and spent some time with the great guys at Saloon Door Brewing. Austin Webber, Alex Webber and Jacob Price joined the Hopcast crew and dropped the skinny on this week’s 2nd Anniversary party (newsflash: its gonna be HUGE), the local craft scene and how its changed, and since Austin is a CFO, we asked him about the impact of some of the current market forces on craft breweries.

We tasted some of the Saloon Door goodness such as Panhandler Pale, Hyphy, Snickers, Smores, Tasty AF (duh!) and more.

The craft lexicon word of the day was “CHEERS” (more to this than meets the eye) and of course, we opened the mailbag at our own peril.




Podcast! Episode 15: The Women of Craft Beer! B-52, Brewheart Apparel and The Hop Stop

Episode 15 the Women of Craft Beer

Live from Gary’s patio, the boys are joined by Shannon from Brewheart Apparel, Dawn from the Hop Stop, and Jessica and Marin from B-52 Brewing. ¬†We discuss all of the latest happenings in the Houston beer scene, share some incredible new releases from B-52 and others, the women weigh in on the latest trends, mansplaining, womansplaining, mattsplaining.

The mailbag goes sideways and the Luchador drops a HUGE, IF TRUE Luche-Bomb on us at the end of the episode.






Podcast: Episode 14: Bubba in Space

Episode 14: Bubba in Space

With Spring in the air Ryno, Phil and Gary hang out on Gary’s patio and preview the Houston Open, Astros opening weekend, Bubba Watson hitting golf balls on the face of the moon and a heartfelt letter from Ryan to Ross. This show has it all. Plus plenty of great beer from Parish, Spindletap, Eureka Heights and more.

Word of the day is FOMO.

The Luche makes a cameo and the boys discuss the merits of Untapped including the top 10 most checked in beers of 2017. Buckle up.