Episode 7: Interview with Vallensons’ Owner and Brewmaster Valle Kauniste

Episode 7 Show Notes:

We had a blast hanging out with Valle Kauniste last Thursday night at his new brewery in Pearland, Vallensons.  Ryan, Matty D, Ross, and Grayson were onhand to taste some great Vallensons beer including the Oatmeal Stout and a special Anniversary Strong Ale among others. Valle shared how his experiences in the US Air Force and travels abroad shaped his view of what beer should be, his plans for Vallensons and the role small breweries can play in creating a sense of community in their neighborhoods.

The Craft Lexicon Word of the Day: Crushable (and trust us, Valle served up some Crushable goodies during the show).

We reviewed the St. Arnold Tribute release festivities that took place last week as well as the B-52 Tart Frenchie release.

Finally, the mailbag brought some peculiar questions. Ross explains Drinking Gloves as a new fashion trend, butt chugging in outer space, is it possible?  AND MORE.




Hopcast Houston at the No Label Press Tasting for Sittin’ Sidehaze NEIPA

We were blessed to be invited to come out and taste the fantastic new NEIPA from no Label Brewing, Sittin’ Sidehaze today. This beer puts No Label squarely on the map in hop forward beers coming out of Houston. Juicy, creamy, pineapply hazy goodness. The Mango Milkshake one-off NEIPA was also very nice. We also enjoyed a great conversation with head brewer Taylor, Cellarman Mark, and the guys from The Beer Chronicle. #drinklocal


Its a wrap at Vallensons!

The Hopcast Houston crew wrapped up recording Episode 7 last night at Vallensons Brewing Company in Pearland. Grayson, Matt, Ross, and Ryan were joined by Vallensons owner and brewmaster, Valle Kauniste and he delivered the goods! We had a blast hanging out with Valle, hearing his stories and enjoying his incredible beers. Keep an eye out for Episode 7 to drop soon. #drinklocal


ICYMI: Our Episode 5 Interview with Ingenious, Two upcoming free tastings!

Two great chances to taste some incredible beer from Ingenious Brewing Co. Listen to our Interview with them here:

EPISODE 5: Interview with Justin from Ingenious Brewing (Live from The Hop Stop in Humble)

Episode 6: Interview with Leo from SpindleTap for Houston Haze Release!

Episode 6 Show Notes

We were at SpindleTap Brewery on Friday, June 9 during the Houston Haze release weekend. Wow! The Hopcast Houston crew  were treated like kings by the great folks at SpindleTap.  Leo Longoria, the Sales Rep, Cicerone, and all around man on the street for SpindleTap was our guest. We talked about Houston Haze and the other great beers coming out of SpindleTap, the Houston beer scene, beer olympics and more.

The Craft Lexicon Word of the day is Cicerone. Gary gives us a detailed history of the word that may or may not be historically accurate. Mailbag questions, Beer Blessings, Snaking someone’s trading partner and more. #drinklocal #hugeiftrue