EPISODE 1: In the Beginning There Was Beer

Episode 1 Show Notes

The Hopcast crew (Ryan, Matty D and Grayson/Gary) kick things off with Copperhead Brewing’s Feeding Frenzy NEIPA. Good times and good beers were had by all.

The craft lexicon word of the day helps our listeners expand their craft beer vocabulary and master the inside lingo of the craft beer world. Today’s word of the day: MAVEN

The crew talks about their favorite under the radar breweries/taprooms to hit, new beers on the scene from Sigma, BaaBaa Brewhouse, St. Arnold, Bearded Fox and more. The first ever Hopcast Houston Mailbag covers some interesting topics including how to handle being “big leagued” at a bottle share, important safety precautions for whalez shares, and being ostracized for lack of a beard by the craft beer community

. We leave no stone unturned.  Special thanks to Ted Borel at The Playlist for doing our logo and artwork.









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